Photo of the Day

This would be on Qwhite Interesting, but I actually find this funny so it gets a pass lol.

Feds Did A Sweep

Feds didn’t really do a sweep lol, but this a story where I got arrested (well… kind of). It was a Saturday morning on the summer holidays when I was picked up by my tutor to work on my math. He just moved house and I hadn’t really been to the class in a while…

U & I

When I thought about you, I thought about us But just like with ‘US,’ ‘I’ wasn’t in the word Though there is a ‘U’ with something ‘I’ can do And even though I’m feeling you, I’m leaving us… But I ain’t leaving you

Instagram Weekly

Back again (for the month lol), but follow me on Instagram here for more!: “What’s My Number It’s 419 ❤️29 “There Were So Many Pictures To Choose From With This Happy Face” ❤️50 “Just Throw This Out As Well” ❤️37 “Sky Was Looking Kinda Nice” ❤️40 “Sippin’ On The Finest Of Wines🎶” ❤️50 “It’s Not…

Motivation #10

Jack Ma drops to many gems in this video for me to sum up in a paragraph. Especially for someone like me, a lot of things are relatable and I struggle to hold on to this mindset. Don’t rush young blood, you got all the time in the world.

Photo of the Day

What do you get when lighting crosses a volcano? Did you guess it? Well if not the answer is a “dirty storm.” This mixture of fire and ash was taken at the Volcán Calbuco in Chile, photographed by Francisco Negroni.

Motivation #9

Get it by all means. If you’re already at the bottom take that chance to live for more because, in the end, you’re still going to be back where you started so there’s really nothing to lose, but there’s definitely a lot to gain.

“A” Poem

I stumbled across a post of a poem where every single word started with a “W.” I wish I remembered her name or the post because I would link it here for you guys to check it out (but if I remember it later I will definitely link it so you guys can check it…

Life (Couldn’t Really Think of A Title)

I’ve always been lost, whilst chasing my dreams Wondering through my mind, plotting the best way to go But the journey has already started, so I couldn’t have planned where I’ve headed And the journey always going, so I can’t stop it for a second A bus ride of a life, where each stop is…